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From the London tour 2012: The Spice of Life:

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The Goosebumps at the Spice of Life

Two of the solosingers at Spice:  André and Tor Anders

Ole Paus at Spice

Our sticky fingers at Spice:
Wallen, Tore, Thorbjørn, Oscar and Bruce

And our sticky fingers are Wallen Mjåland (bass), Tore Bråthen (horns), Torbjørn Alfsen (guitar), Oscar Jansen (piano) and Bruce Rasmussen (drums)

Paul Pace singing and dancing the Evening away, at Spice of course

Hi geese...

It was indeed the highlight of my year and something very special!

It is also wonderful to meet such a warm and passionate community of singers and instrumentalists. It makes me want to live in Kristansand - at least, I must visit at some point.

I look forward to doing it all again and next time I will alert a couple of key musicians to come and join in with your band on a couple of numbers and we get the word out more emphatically to the public.

You are always welcome!

Paul Pace
Til synging rundt om i London    videre til Sjømannskirken

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