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PÅ turne:

Fra Den Norske Klub

Fra Sjømannskirken i London

Vi synger julen 2010 inn på Leicester Square:

Vi synger julen inn på Charing Cross Station:

Fra gjesteboka:

Thank you for your support at Charing Cross Station last weekend!
It was a really amazing perfomance and greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the surprise! And merry Christmas

Vi synger julen inn for Statoil London:

Vi tar Spice of Life med storm:
(The "crazy manschoir Goosebumps" are singing downstairs)

"Let it snow" fra Sjømannskirken, London

Viggo jammer sammen med bandet på Spice

Vår dansk-engelske fan Tess sammen med koret på Spice

As well as being a listed building, The Spice of Life also has an esteemed musical heritage.

In the 1960's and 1970's The Scots Hoose (as it was called then) was a popular venue for folk musicians, and saw many great acts of the time, such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Cat Stevens, Bert Jansch, The Strawbs and Sandy Denny performing here.

Then in the heyday of punk in the late 70's The Spice of Life became a regular haunt for many punk musicians and followers, including The Sex Pistols.

In the late 90's a thriving Jazz Club started up at The Spice, and has attracted many top acts, such as Jamie Cullum, Soweto Kinch, Darius Brubeck & Daryl Sherman

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